Partners & Membership

Partnerships and cooperations as factor of success

Successful small and medium sized companies are focused and concentrate their activities on their strength.

Teaming up with partners and fruitful cooperations in networks are key ingredients to expand and complete know how and expertise in projects, where own competences and capacities are not sufficient.

Against this background we foster cooperations in a spirt of partnership with companies locally and internationally. This results in product innovations and faster access to specific know how turned into more successful customer projects and solutions.

A selection of our partner network you will find here.

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Embedded4You e.V.

A German association of enterprices,
MicroSys is a founding member

Embedded4You e.V. is a German association of small and medium sized companies.
They create, develop and share know how, joint research and development around embedded systems and software solutions to achieve tangible customer benefits by complementing their individual strength.


qmd4 offers a IEC 61131 SW tool running as a pure HTML application in any browser.

As qmd4 we have the vision of automation engineering taking place in the user's favorite web browser.
We have already begun making this vision reality by developing an easy-to-use IEC 61131 engineering tool running as a pure HTML application in any web browser.

This approach makes your system fully independent from the users’ preferred hardware or operating systems. Whatever your customer prefers, being it Windows, iOS, Linux or Android powered devices, she will use the same IDE platform and get the same features.


Research Partner.

fortiss is an institute associated with the Technical University of Munich and as such a full-fledged academic research institute while enjoying the independence granted by its legal form as a non-profit organization.

Our mandate is to facilitate research and technology transfer in software-intensive systems and services, thereby triggering future ready innovation, with a focus on Bavaria. In this role fortiss acts as a technological think tank, bridging the notorious gap between fundamental research in academia and its fruitful implementation in an industrially and commercially feasible context.

XiSys Software GmbH

leading embedded graphics for our system solutions.

XiSys Software GmbH was founded in 1994 and has specialized to provide graphical user interfaces for embedded system platforms. XiBase9, the current product line, supports the operating systems Linux,
Microsoft Windows ® und MicroSys Microware ® OS-9. It is supported on the processor families like ARM, Freescale 68k, Freescale Power Architecture, Intel x86 compatibles or SuperH and has been successfully
deployed in numerous projects around the globe.

University of Applied Sciences Munich

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology.

In the field of EtherCAT MicroSys cooperates with the Professors Dr. Fischer, Dr. Seck and Dr. Sommer to support the operating systems Microware OS-9, QNX and Linux on our system platforms.

EtherCAT - Ethernet for Control Automation Technology - is an open high performance Ethernet-based fieldbus system. The development goal of EtherCAT was to apply Ethernet to automation applications which require short data update times (also called cycle times) with low communication jitter (for synchronization purposes) and low hardware costs.

AEE Aircraft Electronic Engineering GmbH

MicroSys cooperates in the area of avionic systems.

AEE develops, qualifies, certifies, produce,s repairs and maintains customized electronic devices (hard- and software) for the aviation industry.

DENX Computer Systems GmbH

Cooperation in the sector of embedded Linux.

DENX Software Engineering provides software engineering services in the area of Embedded and Real-Time Systems.
The company has a high level of expertise in that area with a strong focus on Open Source Software, especially Linux, but also FreeBSD, NetBSD, etc.


Founded in 2003 by embedded tools experts, NeoMore, a European company based in France, brings to its customers the best solutions for their realtime embedded project including Development Tools for 8/16/32/64 bits microprocessors/microcontrollers, industrial boards and computers.

NeoMore is located in Saint Nom La Bretèche (78) in France, close to Versailles, 25km west of Paris.