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miriac™ MPX-S32G274A

System on Module based on NXP S32G274A CPU

miriac™ MPX-S32G274A
The S32G vehicle network processor combines ASIL D safety, hardware security, high-performance real-time and application processing, and network acceleration for service-oriented gateways, domain controllers and safety co-processors. Providing more than 10 times the performance and networking of NXP’s previous family of automotive gateway devices, the versatile S32G processor is enabling the next generation of vehicle gateways and architectures. The MPX-S32G274A System on Module, which is based on the S32G274A CPU, is an excellent basis to design related solutions for industrial and automotive applications.
●  Quad Arm® Cortex®-A53 cores with Arm Neon™ technology organized in two clusters of two cores with optional cluster lockstep for applications and services
●  Triple Arm Cortex-M7 lockstep cores for real-time applications
●  CPUs can be clustered and operated in lockstep mode for ASIL-D applications
●  Hardware Security Engine for secure boot and accelerated security services
●  Comprehensive connectivity including 20x CAN FD + dedicated protocol engine, furthermore FlexRay, Lin, SPI, Ethernet with TSN, PCI express, USB and I²C
CPUNXP S32G274A CPU: 4 ARM® Cortex® A53 64-bit cores, 3 ARM® Cortex® M7 cores
DRAM4GB 64Bit soldered LPDDR4 RAM at 1600MT/s
Flash16GB eMMC
SPI-Flash512Mb QuadSPI Flash
Boot deviceBoot select: QSPI, eMMC or external SD-card
Flash CARDInterface for external SD-card multiplexed with eMMC
PowerSingle +12 V power input (+9 - +15 V), PMIC VR5510 generates all voltages on module
Formfactor- The board size is 82mm x 50mm
- All I/O pins available on 314 pin edge connector
other I/O InterfacesNot all listed functions are available in parallel, depending on I/O-multiplexing:
- 4x SERDES interface
- 3x RGMII interface
- 1x ULPI-USB interface
- 2x UART
- 4x SPI
- 4x I2C (+ 1x for PMIC communication)
- 20x CAN-FD
- 2x FlexRay
- 4x LIN
- 12 analog inputs (ADCs)
- Functional pins usable as GPIO
Additional- Debug interfaces: Aurora and JTAG
Additional- RTC PCF85263
AdditionalDev Kit for immediate start up, e.g. power supply, cables (optional)
858101miriac MPX-S32G274A SoMmiriac MPX-S32G274A SoM, with NXP S32G274A@1GHz CPU, 4GB DDR4L RAMQ3 2020
859010miriac SBC-S32G274A Development Kitmiriac SBC-S32G274A Development Kit, SoM, Carrier, Linux BSP, accessoriesQ3 2020

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