Single Board Computer
Power Architecture - QorIQ

miriac™ SBC2041

Single Board Computer based on NXP QorIQ P2041

miriac™ SBC2041
The miriac SBC2041 Single Board Computer is a member of a family of Freescale QorIQ™ P2/P1 series based complete system solutions by MicroSys. The single board computer is a fast means to implement rugged designs with the aim to withstand extreme and harsh environments.
●  up to 2GB soldered DDR2 RAM
●  The MPX-System on Modules as core of the SBC2041 are integrated by an innovative connector technology that allows mounting in both directions and stacking of modules with various interface boards.
●  The four e500mc CPU cores in combination with the integrated hardware hypervisor and CoreNet fabric allow completely new designs for control applications.
CPUNXP QorIQ P2041 CPU, 4 x e500mc cores up to 1.5GHz,
32kB I/D Cache and 128kB L2 Cache per core, 1MB CoreNet platform cache with EEC
System Memoryup to 2GB soldered DDR2 memory, optional with ECC
Flashup to 512MB NAND Flash
Ethernet3x 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet with IEEE® 1588 support
USB 2.02x USB 2.0x1 and 1x USB 2.0x2
LCD Interface1x LVDS
other I/O Interfaces1x I2C
1x SPI
2x RS232
2x PCIe (x1) & 1x PCIe (x2) slots
JTAG and LAN-JTAG for hardware related debugging
Flash CARD1x SD Card Slot
Power Supply VoltageSingle +12V power input
Software SupportLinux
Microware OS-9
others are avialable on request
844301miriac SBC2041 Single Board Computer P2041@1,3GHz, 2GB DDR2 RAM, 256MB Flash memorybuild on order
844310miriac SBC2041 Development Kit, includes order #844301, Linux BSP, accessoriesbuild on order