Single Board Computer
ARM® Automotive

miriac™ SBC-S32V234

The miriac SBC-S32V234 Single Board Computer based on the NXP S32V234 ARM® Automotive Processors family for compute intensive image processing applications.

miriac™ SBC-S32V234
The miriac SBC-S32V234 single board computer is a perfect embedded platform for environment recognition and detection. The system is an excellent means for rapid prototyping purposes or might be applied even for production use.
●  MIPI CSI, the most widely used camera interface in the mobile industry
●  up to dual 1GB 32 Bit ECC DDR3L RAM
●  HDMI Display interface
●  Safety: FCCU and FCCU output supervision unit
●  Video encoder/decoder: H.264, 8/10/12-bit / H.264, 8/10/12-bit, JPEG, 8/12-bit, up to 4 streams
CPUNXP S32V234 CPU: Quad ARM® Cortex® A53 cores at up to 1.0 GHz core frequency
System Memorydual DDR-3 Interface with 2 x 1GByte capacity
Ethernet10/100/1000BaseT NetPHY
LCD Interface1x DVI-D interface
USB 2.0USB 2.0 console interface on UART0 port
Flash CARD2x micro SD-Card
Formfactor122mm x 90mm
Power Supply Voltage9-15V DC supply
AdditionalMCU supervision circuitry
Real Time Clock
backup battery for Real Time Clock
four user LEDs
four system state LEDs
reset switch
dual boot mode dipswitch
reset switch
dual boot mode dipswitch
other I/O InterfacesLinFlexD interface on UART1 port
dual CAN-FD transceivers
mini PCI-Express card slot
octal ADC channel connector
TAG Connect debug interface
Camera InputMIPI-CSI camera interface connector
Boot FlashHyperflash boot device
Software SupportLinux
854901miriac MPX-S32V234 SoMwith NXP S32V234@1GHz CPU, up to 2x 1GB DDR3L RAMavailable
855710miriac SBC-S32V234A Development Systemincludes order# 854901 (MPX-S32V234 SoM with NXP S32V234@1GHz CPU, up to 2x 1GB DDR3L RAM) Carrier Board, Linux BSP, accessoriesavailable