Functional Saftey Evaluation Kit
Evaluation Kit

miriac™ EK5744

based on NXP‘s MPC5744P MCU

miriac™ EK5744
The miriac™ EK5744 Functional Safety Evaluation Kit is a platform for evaluation, design and prototyping devices It provides a solid base for custom developments und shows how to use the MPC5744P for devices meeting any of the standards IEC 61508/62061 (SIL1 and SIL2), ISO 13849 categories 1 and 2 and performance levels a-d or similar. A concept study for use according to IEC 61508/62061 SIL3 and ISO 13849 Kat.3 for the MPC5744P and PowerSBC is in work.
●  MCU MPC5744, 2xPower Architecture e400z4 cores
●  PowerSBC 33907 System Basis Chip with Safe State Machine
●  Signature Watchdog
●  Ethernet (10/100MBit)
●  Firmware including test and safety functions usable for applications up to SIL2/Kat.2
CPUMCU MPC5744, 2xPower Architecture e400z4 cores, 180MHz, 384KB RAM (ECC), 2,5MB Flash (ECC)
GlobalFirmware including test and safety functions usable for applications up to SIL2/Kat.2
API for access to I/O and communication ports, including handling of redundant I/O
EthernetEthernet (10/100MBit), may be used as black channel, e.g. for Profisafe/Safety over EtherCAT
other I/O Interfaces2x CAN 2.0B, may be used for CANopen Safety
4 analog inputs, 0..20mA (acc. to ISO61131)
4 digital inputs, 24V (acc. to ISO61131)
4 digital outputs, 24V (acc. to ISO61131)
FlexPWM Ready Outputs
1x RS232
Separate Digital Output Supply with Diagnostics, 24V
Standard JTAG and Nexus AURORA Debug+Trace Interface
SecurityPowerSBC 33907 System Basis Chip with Safe State Machine, Signature Watchdog, CAN-Transceiver and primary wide input range SMPS regulartors
Power Supply Voltage12-24V System Power Supply (acc. to ISO61131)
Sil1- and Cat.1/24 safe analog inputs, single channel
4 safe digital inputs, single channel
4 safe digital outputs
Advanced Diagnostics on all IOs and Power Inputs
customized firmware
ANopen Safety (CIA304). Safety over EtherCAT, openSAFETY on request
SIL2/3- and cat.32 safe analog inputs (redundant)
2 safe digital inputs (redundant)
4 safe digital outputs (supports redundant use, depending on application)
Advanced Diagnostics on all I/Os and Power Inputs
customized firmware
CANopen Safety (CIA304). Safety over EtherCAT, Profisafe, openSAFETY on request
Additionalfull access to MCU pins; may e.g. be used for additional I/O like the ones provided on-board
Additional field busses, e.g., EtherCAT, Profinet, Powerlink, on request
PLC on request
Basic abstraction layer for bus interfaces (no protocol support)
852410Safety Evaluation Kit Panther (EKS5744P) MPC5744P@ 180 MHz, 384KB ECC SRAM, 2,5MB ECC Flash Memory, in-cludes power supply, RS232 cable, cabinet for DIN rail