Single Board Computer
cPCI Single Board Computer

miriac™ CPC8349

Low power dissipation and high performance SBC

miriac™ CPC8349
The cPCI miriac™ SBC has an auto slot 1 detection and supports hot swapping. The frontside offers two Gigabit Ethernet ports, two USB 2.0 ports and a RS232 port. Internally there is a CompactFlash slot available.
●  3U cPCI CPU Carrier Board
●  MPC8349E based on e300 Power PC Core
●  1260 MIPS (at 667 MHz) integrated DDR Memory Controller
●  Auto Slot 1 Detection
●  VxWorks, Linux, OS-9
DRAMup to 256MB DDR SDRAM (ECC supported)
CPUMPC8349E based on e300 Power PC Core
1260 MIPS (at 667 MHz) integrated DDR Memory Controller
Ethernet2x 1000/100/10 BaseT Ethernet (Front)
Formfactor3U cPCI CPU Carrier Board
Flashup to 32MB Flash
USB 2.02x USB 2.0 Schnittstellen (Front)
SerDes lanes64/32 bit PCI
other I/O Interfaces1x cF-Slot
Software SupportVxWorks, Linux, OS-9
TemperatureStandard Temperature Range 0°..+ 70°C
Extended Temperature Range (option)
Power Supply VoltageSingle 3,3V
AdditionalAuto Slot 1 Detection
64/32 bit PCI
Hot Swap supported
834601CPC8349 667/333 MHz, 256MB ECC-DDR, 16MB Flash, 1MB SRAMStI
831501MPE03 MPX Header Pin Adapter Board 208 LinesStI